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1668 E. Forest hills drive

Beautiful, modern new build home in Millcreek, Utah

Looking to complete the sale via NFT

Pool House Square Feet
Main House Square Feet
Total Square Feet

This home will be managed by a smart contract on the Ethereum Network

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Must see in person for the full experience.


Download the plans for a closer look at this build.

utah's first NFT listing?

$4MM new build looking to complete sale via NFT

The home will be managed by a smart contract on the Ethereum Network

Title will be held in the Name of the 1668 Forest Hills Drive, LLC

Token for the home will be exchanged for crypto held by the Buyer valued at $4MM at the time of closing


What are the benefits to Buyer purchasing the property in cryptocurrency?

  • Buyer will not be required to convert the Crypto to USD and Wire into Title to close
  • Buyer will manage all tax implications on their own with current 2022 Crypto Regulations on both State and Federal level

What are the risks to Seller transferring the property and receiving Cryptocurrency instead of USD?

  • $4mm value can and will fluctuate post closing

Why are you looking to complete the transaction in Cryptocurrency?

  • I’m a big believer in Cypto long term and looking to acquire more of the Asset Class
  • There is a convergence happening in Real Estate and I’m looking to facilitate this migration in the market. I have several projects and properties where I’m looking to sell and acquire more of the asset class.

If a buyer is interested in the property and wishes to purchase it in crypto, what does the timeline look like?

  • We’re looking to secure the buyer in Q1 22 and close the transaction ahead of the home being completed. The buyer will have influence on the finishes, appliances, etc.
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